Your Nonprofit Advisor
building a better community through stronger nonprofits!
“Your Nonprofit Advisor” offers a full array of consulting services to all types of
nonprofit organizations and associations.  Our unique team of highly qualified experts
means that Your Nonprofit Advisor can provide your organization with comprehensive
consulting expertise in ALL areas of management, marketing and fundraising.

Our consulting practice promotes the development and effective use of institutional
resources to help maximize your organizations ability to accomplish its mission.  Our
goal is to increase your organization's capacity to make its vision a reality through
enhanced institutional effectiveness.

A one 1-hour courtesy consultation is provided to prospective clients at no charge for
either time or expenses.
Your Nonprofit Advisor
Office (727) 822-2484
Our mission is to build a better community
by strengthening the ability of
nonprofit organizations and associations
to provide innovative, effective and sustainable programs
that meet our society’s critical needs.
Our affordable services are provided on a cost effective fee basis and
warranty a high return on your investment.
Florida’s Solicitation of Contributions Act (Chapter 496, Florida Statutes)
requires that anyone retained by a charitable organization to
plan, manage, conduct, carry on, advise, consult, or prepare material for
the solicitation of contributions must be registered with the state
(this does not apply to the charities paid employees).

Your Nonprofit Advisor meets all registration requirements
our registration number is FC19623.  
Management, Marketing and Fundraising Consulting
for Nonprofit Organizations & Associations