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 Florida’s Solicitation of Contributions Act (Chapter 496, Florida Statutes) requires that anyone retained by a charitable organization to plan, manage, conduct, carry
on, advise, consult, or prepare material for the solicitation of contributions must be registered with the state (this does not apply to the charities paid employees).
Your Nonprofit Advisor meets all registration requirements our registration number is FC19623.

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Our goal is to increase your organization's capacity to make its vision a reality through enhanced institutional effectiveness. Our consulting practice promotes the development and effective use of institutional resources that will maximize your ability to accomplish your mission.  

In order to build on your organization's unique strengths and culture, every consulting job starts with a careful assessment of your current programs, goals and resources. Based on that assessment, we collaborate with you to design a strategy that will meet your goals.

We excel at planning for success and creative problem solving!

A one time 1-hour courtesy consultation is provided to prospective clients at no charge for either time or expenses.

Services are offered in the following areas:

Business Planning, Organizational Development and Management
Every organization needs to develop a plan to successfully accomplish its mission and meet community needs. The proper financial and human resources to accomplish your goals must be deployed, a clearly defined implementation process articulated and a monitoring system put in place. Good management will ensure that your institution achieves its goals.  
Your Nonprofit Advisor can assist you with this process through:

  • Strategic Planning and Assessment
  • Implementation Planning ~ performance objectives, budgeting, evaluation and
  • reporting
  • Organizational Dynamics ~ assessment, design and integration
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Business Process and Management Assessment
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Board and Executive Leadership Development and Coaching
  • Customized Training Programs
  • Leadership Team Building
  • Management and Interim Executive Director Services
  • Merger Planning and Facilitation
  • Project Management

Leadership Development
Having board and staff members with the right expertise,who are properly trained and have specific performance objectives is critical to achieving your institutions goals.  Your Nonprofit Advisor offers consulting services in:

  • GovernanceTraining
  • Board Recruitment
  • Volunteer and Staff Leadership Development
  • Training for All Constituencies
  • All Facets of Community Organization

Resource Development
Every institution needs funding for programs that will achieve its mission.  Your Nonprofit Advisor can help your organization increase funding by providing:

  • Fund Development Assessments
  • Resource Development Planning and Evaluation
  • Case for Support Development
  • Innovative Strategies toTarget Donors for Acquisition Renewal and Upgrading
  • Volunteer and Staff Training
  • Constituency Relationship Strategies
  • Gift Administration Assessments
  • Development of Fundraising Leadership
  • Donor Relations and Stewardship
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Publications

Major Gifts, Capital and Endowment Campaigns

  • Comprehensive Readiness Assessment
  • Case Statements
  • Pre Campaign Market Feasibility Studies
  • Campaign Planning, Management and Direction

Planned Giving

  • Planned Giving Readiness Assessments
  • Marketing Plans and Materials
  • Donor and Advisor Relationship Building Programs
  • Seminars for Donors and Advisors
  • Program Research and Planning
  • Gift Management Systems
  • Recognition and Stewardship Programs
  • Publications

Special Events

  • Event Management Training
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Donor Renewal, Upgrading and Acquisition Strategies

Direct Mail

  • List Segmentation
  • Copywriting Services
  • Graphic Design and Production Management
  • Strategies for Renewing and Upgrading
  • Membership Campaign Planning

Collaborations, Partnerships and Mergers
Organizations must be masters of risk management. To stay viable some institutions will have to consider the "unthinkable" ~ dissolution, merger and reductions in force.

Evaluating the alternatives requires taking a hard look at program priorities in terms of mission performance, rethinking projected revenue and operating costs, and assessing appropriate staffing patterns. Weighing these options allows your organization to develop proactive plans with clear priorities and sequential, flexible implementation steps.  

Options include creating strategic alliances with other organizations to collaborate in ways that strengthen effective program delivery. Your Nonprofit Advisor can help your organization evaluate the opportunities and provide facilitation services for appropriate collaborations.

Branding and Marketing
A unique and memorable identity will help ensure the success of both programs and fundraising. Your Nonprofit Advisor offers consulting services in:

  • Branding and Corporate Identity Development
  • Branding and Marketing Audits
  • Target Market Research
  • Advertising and Marketing Strategies
  • Product Development
  • Distribution Channels
  • Communications and Copywriting Services
  • Campaign Communications Consulting
  • Design and Production for Print, Broadcast and Online
  • Web and E-Marketing Strategies and Design
  • Online Fundraising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Publications and Newsletters
  • Public Relations and Social-Cause Marketing
  • Strategic Media Planning and Buying

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